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Listen Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

Hopsin continues his 'Ill Minds of Hopsin' series with video #7. This is more of a message than a song and he finds himself in the desert questioning religion and gods, wondering what if? Produced, written and performed by Hopsin himself, "Ill Mind of Hopsin 7" is a strong reminder of how thought-provoking an emcee he actually is. Hopsin continually asks questions that other non-critical thinking folks tend to overlook. Thats why I fuck with him. Dope or Nope?

Producer: Hopsin | Uploader: micfiend| Released: 6 days ago | Artist: Hopsin | Type: Stream / Download

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Listen River - Young Genius

River - Young Genius

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Producer: River | Uploader: river| Released: 8 hours ago | Artist: River | Type: Stream / Download
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Listen LUKE-O - Main Street Pt II

LUKE-O - Main Street Pt II

Straight outta Fayette County, located to the Southeast of Pittsburgh, the Moola Gang Ca$h Cow$ (Pyrex Pre$$, Luke-O, Kilz) are geared up for an impactful second half of 2014. First up is rapper/producer Luke-O, whose Lacoste Bo$$ mixtape is slated for a release in the coming months. The first single, "Main Street Pt. II," produced by Kilz, has a hint of Mafioso-styled strings as Luke-O spits braggadocios rhymes, rapping "I'll write a reality check so large the bank'll put a hold on it."

Producer: Kilz | Uploader: pitpanther01| Released: 1 day ago | Artist: LUKE-O | Type: Stream Only
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Listen T.I. - Stay

T.I. - Stay (Feat. Victoria Monet)

“Stay” is a new one from T.I. released through Samsung earlier today. It is unknown if the track will land on his upcoming album, ‘Paperwork’, but this sounds like a hit single to me.

Uploader: pitpanther01| Released: 2 days ago | Artist: T.I. | Type: Stream Only

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