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JoN De PLedge

No Sense

JoN De PLedge
No Sense
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Featuring: ADD-2 Uploader: DJSpinHitz
Released: 07/18/2015
#Check Out JoN De PLedge "No Sense" ft. ADD-2 on #DGMDigitalDistribution @JDPLEDGE @dgm_ent JoN De PLedge (JDP) 28, a hip hop artist and songwriter from the rough streets of Chicago. Born Jeremy Demar Johnson he was raised in the Austin Area on the Westside, dealing with adversity and surrounded by crime. A true fan of great music, music that could make some dance and others uplift the people in the communities. Growing up he listened to Heavy D, A Tribe Called Quest, NAS, JAY-Z and so on. His recent focus is his latest project he released called SuPa CooL. This was his best work as of yet, bringing back the roots of hip hop while still capturing the modern day listeners ears with his deep soulful lyrics and soothing voice. JoN De PLedge is a true artist at what he does and is just looking forward to making his mark in history to be remembered as one of the greatest Music Artist to ever hit the music scene.

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