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Save The Music

Save The Music
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Uploader: DJSpinHitz
Released: 04/17/2017
#Check Out StreetS "Save The Music" on #DGMDistribution @StreetS1984 @dgm_ent Wesley Jusino aka StreetS, 33 year old unsigned hip hop artist from new york city with an underground platinum sound looking to get in Los Angeles CA trying take my career to the next level.Was Born 1984 in New York City and Raised there and also spent a good portion of my life in camden new jersey.I fell in love with real hip hop at 9 years old. i always had so many hopes and dreams of making it in the music business and i also realized that i have a natural talent for hip plan is to bring the real lyrical content back into the game. the music speaks for itself.what you hear in my music is what i been through and what im going through in real life. im a real genuine artist..!/news/2016/44702

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