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Yung Novachane ft CoCo Payper

$pyke Lee

Yung Novachane ft CoCo Payper
$pyke Lee
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Uploader: DJSpinHitz
Released: 12/28/2015
#Check Out Yung Novachane "$pyke Lee" ft CoCo Payper #DGMDistribution @YungNovah180 @dgm_ent Yung Novachane is a singer/song writer from Terrell, Texas. Yung Novachane has been writing music since the age of 8. His passion for music goes back as far as he can remember. Yung Novachane has done many shows from the beginning to now. There are not to many people that make it out of the mean city streets of Terrell Texas. Yung Novachane knows that the music industry has no outlets in Terrell Texas yet he still strives to defy The odds.

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